Listen To What People Say About The Lifeskills Link Program

Community Corrections Program is a free, secure, automated web-based referral system for courts and community corrections professionals . It takes two to three minutes to refer a person. Here’s what you can expect:

•  15-25 unique points of contact with each referral
•  A secure Lifeskills Link account and free ongoing support
•  Rapid email notification and collaboration for improved client accountability and outcomes
•  Integrated eLearning response tracking & accountability
•  Utilizing a pro-social coach / mentor
•  We set up referring professionals to have the right kinds of conversions with their clients

The combination of (1) (2) evidence-based cognitive curriculum (3) addressing criminogenic needs (4) the self-directed learning format, and (5) assisting users in becoming more change agent oriented has proven to be a powerful deterrent against crime. ACCI leads the nation with a consistent 20% to 30% reduction in recidivism rates regardless of how, where, or what socioeconomic peoples are referred. This has had a positive result in participant compliance, responsibility, and a willingness to complete other responsibilities.

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