Correctional Facility

We have an array of life skills curriculum, and services for jails and prisons of every size and every level of security.


ACCI Lifeskills provides correctional facilities with several options to utilize our curriculum to help achieve its rehabilitation goals and objectives with their inmate population. Our evidence-based curriculum has been utilized in hundreds of county, state and federal facilities across the nation, as well as, internationally.


Purchase Curriculum
ACCI also offers group courses for those facilities that have therapists, group facilitators or trained staff. Volume based discounts are available. Get started with one of your introductory packages.

Annual License To Reprint
This is by far the most cost effective option for making our cognitive life skills materials available to inmates. Contact us for pricing and related details. In most cases, we can get the cost down to under $5.00 per inmate, per course, per year.

eLearning Courses on Inmate Tablets
Our cognitive life skills courses are also available in eLearning format on select inmate tablet providers. Contact us for more information.

Correspondence Program
This option requires no budget, no staff training and no classroom space. This is an easy way to make ACCI correspondence courses available to inmates. Download the inmate catalog and pin up to bulletin boards or other common areas.

ACCI has developed relationships with different commissary providers that re-sale our courses. Contact us to find out if we are working with your commissary.